Top 6 Best Non-stick Pan Without Teflon 2021 Reviews

Some of us do not know that nonstick pan with Teflon is detrimental to our health. Every kitchen has at least one pan in it, but is the pan without Teflon?

Teflon is a material made of PFOA chemicals. A chemical that causes cancer, disorders, infertility, and other health issues. PFOA is a reproductive toxin that you need to avoid as much as possible. Some of the nonstick pans we use today have this harmful substance in it.

This chemical makes it nonstick, although there are other nonstick pans made without Teflon in the market. Knowing the difference between cookware with Teflon and cookware without Teflon will help you make a good choice that is beneficial to your health.

The Nonstick pan is an excellent tool in frying omelet and flipping pancakes with ease without sticking to the pan. There are so many options available in the market.

Looking for a guide on how to buy the best nonstick pan without Teflon? Here is a buying guide that will help you make the right choice.

America’s Test Kitchen Best Non-Stick Pan Reviews 2021

#1. Lodge 12 Inch Cast Iron

This is one of the best nonstick pans without Teflon in the market for decades, made in America. Lodge 12 inch cast iron comes with a skillet and a silicone handle holder that keeps the hand safe and protects the hand from heat up to 500° F, pre-seasoned for a natural easy-finish that improves with constant use.

This product provides an even heat distribution from its bottom to its sidewall and can be used in the oven, over a campfire, on the grill or stove. Multiple function cookware, the perfect tool to bake, grill, sear, braise or broil with two subtle side lips for pouring and two handles for heavy lifting. An excellent source of nutritional iron.

To keep this cast iron from rusting, ensure to wash with mild soap and warm water, dry thoroughly, and oil the surface with a light layer of cooking oil while it is still warm and store in a dry place.


Even distribution of heat.


Quality material

pre-seasoned for use.

Silicone handle holder is dishwasher safe


Rust if not properly cared for.

#2. Ozeri Stone Earth

The next product on this list is Ozeri stone earth frying pan, 100% free of APEO, PFOS, PFBS, GenX, and PFOA. Made from Germany.

Ozeri is a nonstick pan, free of toxic materials. Features a hardened scratch-resistant coating that is easy to wash, made of heavy gauge aluminum with magnetized base. It is eco-friendly and transfer heat rapidly

The use of non-toxic material makes this product stand out, healthy for cooking, durable, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. Features heavy gauge aluminum interior heat resistant silicone coated handle, nonstick, and hardened for longevity. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

This product is made with an inert coating, which has a lesser effect on human health, although potentially harmful but often found in traditional cookware like NMP and NEP.

Suited for induction stoves with its silicone coated handle, 3 solid rivets fastened the silicone handle to the pan.


Heat resistant

Silicone handle


Induction stove safe


Coat peels off.

#3. Ozeri Green Earth

This product is a 3-piece set by Ozeri. The frying pan sizes are 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch. Ozeri green earth is coated with a textured ceramic nonstick material that is free of harmful chemicals like PTFE, PFOA, APEO, and Perfluorinated Chemicals.

Ozeri green earth utilizes GREBLON ceramic, an extremely safe ceramic coating from Germany, that is applied using a water-based Sol-Gel Technique.

This product is scratch resistant and durable than other nonstick products; it allows you to bake, fry, boil and braise with little oil. Made of high-quality aluminum that enhances even heat distribution without hot spots.

Elevated texture creates air pockets that distribute heat underneath the food, magnetized bottom allows rapid heat transfer when used on induction stoves, and patterned cooking surface prevents food bonding. It comes with a silicone handle that makes it comfortable to hold and superior nonstick performance. It requires the use of low heat and ultra care when in use.


3-piece set

Silicon coated handle

High quality




#4. DaTerra Cucina

This product is an 11 inch Fry pan made with a 4 layer natural nonstick coating. Made in Italy with a patented, multi-layered, all-natural nonstick material. Easy to clean and requires less oil for your food because of its nonstick lead-free coating, it comes with a year warranty. Lightweight makes it easy to lift and flip, and its sloped sides ease flipping and sauteing

Suited for electric stove, glass top, propane, induction stoves, and gas stove. Evenly distribute heat, heats up rapidly to a maximum of 450 degrees.

This product does not peel off. Tempered glass lid keeps food moisture, retains heat, and allows you to watch the food as it cooks without opening. Perfect for high temperature, searing meat, and steaks. Eco-friendly. The tempered glass lid has a C shaped handle that stays cool to touch, easy to remove, and seals the pan perfectly. Tested and trusted to cook, sizzle and sear any dish


a year warranty


High quality

Tempered lid.



#5. Anolon Advanced Hard Anodized Nonstick Frying Pan

Anolon advanced nonstick pan is the last on this list features a lid, lifetime warranty, triple-layer nonstick surface, heavy-duty anodized construction, and dual riveted.

This product package labels 8.5, but the product is 8. Oven-safe to 400°F. The perfect pan for your omelet, burger, pancakes, eggs, salmon, chicken, French toast, and sandwiches. Heavy-duty hard-anodized construction promotes balanced, rapid, and efficient heating. Triple-Layer Nonstick Surface ensures superb food release and cooking performance. Both the exterior and interior of the pan are nonstick that makes it easy to clean and a perfect oven-safe pan.

Anolon sloped sides allow food to slide out easily, restaurant-tested, and made with premium-quality material. Hand wash safe. Sure-grip handle Made with 18/10 stainless steel and silicone rubber provides a nonslip and ergonomic grip, comfortable to hold.

Aluminum anodizing is a unique electrochemical process that increases the hardness and thickness of aluminum. This product is durable due to the anodized aluminum used that makes it twice as hard as stainless steel.



Triple-layer nonstick surface

Tempered glass

High quality

Limited lifetime warranty



#6. Farberware Millennium Stainless Steel Nonstick Cookware Set

Farberware millennium stainless steel nonstick cookware features a tempered glass lid that allows you to monitor your food without losing moisture or heat, fully enclosed base with thick aluminum for even distribution of heat and a limited lifetime warranty. This product helps you create a variety of dishes from the main dish to the side dish. Solid stainless steel construction, good weight.

The tempered glass lid seals the pot tightly for efficient cooking and allows you to watch your food while it cooks. The nonstick surface has great food release. This product is dishwasher safe, although hand washing is recommended and oven safe to 500° F.

Dual riveted handles enable you to hold these pots safely. The sturdy bottom prevents your food from burning. This set is of top quality with long-lasting coating for easy food release and cleanup

Set includes 8-Quart Stockpot with Lid, 10-inch Frying Pan, 1-Quart Saucepan with Lid, 3-Quart Sauté with Lid, 2-Quart Saucepan with Lid, and 8-Inch Frying Pan


Tempered glass lid

Riveted handles.

Sturdy bottom

Nonstick surface

Dishwasher safe


Handles get too hot

Coating comes off

Things You Need to Consider Before Buying Any Nonstick Pan Without Teflon

These are some of the things you need to consider before buying any nonstick pan without Teflon. This buying guide will help you get the right pan for your kitchen based on your need and purpose.


We have an enormous nonstick pan industry that provides several designs from delicate to the ones with tempered glass lid, silicone handle, cladded bottom, patterned interior, and different oven-safe levels. Some are designed to last for a lifetime.

However, if you are someone that cooks daily, you need a design that is not delicate enough to fit your cooking needs, But if you are looking for delicate and super fancy designs, you must be an occasional cook.


Nonstick pans are made from either iron, stainless steel, or aluminum tri-ply. Stainless steels are heavyweight, expensive, and provide even distribution of heat, while aluminum is lightweight, heat up quickly and are not induction stove safe unless it’s bottom has a stainless steel plate.

To check if the pan is suitable for induction stoves, stick a magnet to the bottom, and if it is magnetized, then it is suited for induction stoves, but if otherwise, then its material is aluminum. If you use an induction burner, ensure you properly check if the pan is induction compatible before you buy.


If you are looking for lightweight options, you should settle for either stainless steel or aluminum, and if you want a heavyweight pan, buy cast iron. Most lightweight pans are made of aluminum, which can also be coated with ceramic. Pans made with cast iron are heavy, last long, and cheaper but need extra effort to care for it and need to be pre-seasoned before using.


The size of your family also determines the size of your pan. They often come in these sizes, 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches. If you have a large family or loves to have friends eat with you, then you need a bigger pan while a smaller pan is suitable for small families.


There are two different types of nonstick coating, Teflon, and Silica-based gel. Both of these coatings prevent food from sticking to the pan surface. Teflon coatings last longer but are harmful to human health while the silica-based gel, also known as ceramic coating, does not but is safe for human health. The coating of a pan also gives it a better food release capability. A long-lasting pan has about 3 layers of nonstick coating, matte finish, and smooth surface. A well-coated pan does not peel off.


Do not settle for less because of the price, if you have to save up to get high-quality food-grade pans that will last long, please do. Get value for your money. It saves you from the stress of changing your pans frequently and reduces the amount you spend in getting new ones all the time. Ensure not to settle for lower quality products that you need to change after a few months of purchase.

Dishwasher safe

Not all nonstick pans are dishware safe, especially those made with cast iron. The heat from the drying cycle in the dishwasher could damage the pan and affect the interior design. This could also make it lose its nonstick nature overtime.

The SAFEST & BEST Non Stick Pans…And Why To Avoid Teflon!


The sheer variety of materials, designs, brands, and price point have made selecting a good option a bit difficult. People are looking for the best nonstick pan without Teflon to serve their individual cooking needs. The use of less oil is an advantage that comes with using the best products, which allows you to eat healthily.

The cookware you use in cooking is as essential as your food. You should buy from a trusted brand that offers high-quality standards and affordable prices. Before you buy your cookware, check the manufacturing process on the company website to ensure they are manufactured with less harmful materials.

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